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Join us and introduce your koi as an ownership holder!
We are happy to announce that we have set up a corner, with the wishes of many owners of Nishikigoi at Nishikigoi no Sato, where we can introduce the photos and video of their beloved Nishikigoi. Please take a few moments to view their beautiful koi.
If you are considering becoming an owner of Nishikigoi at Nishikigoi no Sato, please take advantage of all we have to offer.
We hope to be of service to all of our ownership holders in the future.
※ We are introducing many owners’ koi for free of charge with their consent.
〔By Owners' initial〕
A - O KA - KO SA - SO TA - TO NA - NO HA - HO MA - MO YA - WA

NO.420 Shiro Utsuri

青木富夫 様

NO.373 Aigoromo

青山東祐 様

NO.374 Kohaku

青山東祐 様

NO.375 Doitsu Kohaku

青山東祐 様

NO.376 Ginrin Showa

青山東祐 様

NO.377 Ochibashigure

青山東祐 様

NO.378 Tancho Kohaku

青山東祐 様

NO.379 Platinum

青山東祐 様

NO.402 Taisho Sanshoku

青山東祐 様

NO.359 Kohaku

安達洋一郎 様

NO.361 Kohaku

阿部昭広 様

NO.413 Showa Sanshoku

荒川健 様

NO.331 Platinum *Pic.

安藤登貴子 様

NO.330 Kohaku

安藤春夫 様

NO.421 Kohaku

アンナ・ムロチェック 様

NO.365 Taisho Sanshoku

石橋芽衣 様

NO.348 Kohaku

伊藤健一 様

NO.363 Showa Sanshoku

伊藤健一 様

NO.364 Showa Sanshoku

伊藤健一 様

NO.426 Taisho Sanshoku

伊藤眞理子 様

NO.21 Kohaku

今井兼智 様

NO.351 Kohaku

岩崎行重 様

NO.438 Showa Sanshoku

岩本龍也 様

NO.125 Taisho Sanshoku

梅村晃由 様

NO.223 Kohaku

梅村豊子 様

NO.397 Taisho Sanshoku

遠藤照良 様

NO.368 Taisho Sanshoku

大塚昇一 様

NO.273 Ginrin Showa

大貫博文 様

NO.275 Goshiki

大貫博文 様

NO.276 Kujaku

大貫博文 様

NO.277 Koromo

大貫博文 様

NO.255 Kohaku

大宮武一 様

NO.49 Kohaku

大八木祥恵 様

NO.400 Kohaku

及川明 様

NO.384 Showa Sanshoku

岡崎克己 様

NO.385 Kohaku

忍足松雄 様

NO.386 Tancho Kohaku

忍足雄次郎 様

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Ojiya Nishikigoi no Sato, located in the birthplace of Nishikigoi, is a municipal institution where various historical materials of Nishikigoi are on display.
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