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Intention of inviting people for ownership of Nishikigoi at Nishikigoi no Sato
The city of Ojiya opened Ojiya Nishikigoi no Sato in October, 1989, with the intention of the development of local industry and the advancement of the tourist industry. The city established the Nishikigoi ownership system so that many tourists can become the owners of Ojiya-bred Nishikigoi for display at our facility, where our staff will take good care of Nishikigoi on behalf of their owners. Currently there are approximately 100 such koi in our garden pond.
Ojiya-shi Industrial Development Center is in charge of the sales and care of the Nishikigoi in cooperation with the city of Ojiya and the Ojiya Nishikigoi Farming Cooperation. The purchased Nishikigoi under this system will be raised and displayed in our facility for free of charge.

Application guidelines for Nishikigoi ownership
Purchase of Nishikigoi
Ojiya-shi Industrial Development Center will sell Nishikigoi for this purpose. All the Nishikigoi for sale are bred with the utmost care by the members of the Ojiya Nishikigoi Farming Cooperation. We don’t accept your own Nishikigoi or the Nishikigoi purchased here after the koi have been taken back to the owners home.

Prices of Nishikigoi for ownership system
There are two selling prices according to the size of Nishikigoi, taxes included.
50,000yen for Nishikigoi around 50 cm in length
30,000yen for Nishikigoi around 40 cm in length

Optional posting of the owner’s panel
With the wishes of the owner, a panel of the owner’s name, address and photo of the Nishikigoi can be posted in our facility.

Varieties of Nishikigoi for sale
Ojiya-shi Industrial Development Center will select each owner’s koi between their first and second desired varieties. We will do our utmost to comply with applicant’s first wish, but please understand that there might be an uncommon occurrence that we will only be able to offer an applicant’s second favorite kind of Nishikigoi. Please note again that Nishikigoi has a unique marking pattern.


Taisho Sanshoku

Showa Sanshoku
We will select Nishikigoi among these three main varieties.
*We might unwillingly select one other than these three types. Such an incident seldom occurs.

Sights of Nishikigoi breeding

Breeding Nishikigoi
According to the application period for purchase or on account of the prevention of epidemics, the sale of Nishikigoi may be suspended briefly. We may also ask the owners of Nishikigoi to take back their Nishikigoi when we decide their koi’s admiration value has deteriorated due to its aging.

Compensation of Nishikigoi on display
If an owner’s koi dies within one year after its purchase, we will compensate the koi with another koi of the same variety and equivalence, except the accident by the third party and extraordinary natural occurrences.
If an owner’s koi dies after one year of its purchase, please understand that ownership of the koi and above-mentioned perks will be invalid.

Carrying out of Nishikigoi
As a general rule we are in charge of owners’ Nishikigoi for one year after their purchase. After that period of time, owners will be solely responsible for their Nishikigoi. Please contact us one week in advance if you wish to do so. Once owner’s Nishikigoi has been carried out, ownership of the koi and perks will become invalid.

Benefits that come with being owners of Nishikigoi
1. An individual owner and his/her family members are free of admission fee to Nishikigoi no Sato.
2. We will send you the information of Nishikigoi shows and events held in Ojiya City.
* For overseas residents
  We don’t accept application for ownership from overseas residents.

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Ojiya Nishikigoi no Sato, located in the birthplace of Nishikigoi, is a municipal institution where various historical materials of Nishikigoi are on display.
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